Land High-Paying Clients With Just 3 Steps (Season 2, Episode 5)

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In a market full of strategies, it can be hard to believe, but landing high paying clients can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. In this episode ShawnQ gives 3 steps to take if you want to make landing clients and building a business so simple…



Hey ShawnQ here, and in this episode, I am going to make business so easy for you because I’m going to give you three steps to take if you want to land high paying clients. This is literally a three phase strategy anyone and everyone can implement, you included in order to build a successful business.

Now I know there are so many gurus out there who give you 13 step plans and, and 49 day, strategies and road-maps. I am gonna make this so simple and so easy for you. Is that okay? Let me know is that okay? All right.

So if you’re taking notes, write this word down. The first word is a attract. You absolutely need a strategy on a daily, consistent basis in which you, you are going to show up in the market and attract the right people. How do you attract the right people?

When you create content, you create something, you put it out into the world that is authentically and uniquely you and the right people will see it and be attracted to it. They will be able to say, oh my gosh, I love that. I want more of it.

So I want you to ask yourself, what about your personality? What about your belief system? What is it that you stand for that you can create content around that will help people identify themselves as potential clients. You absolutely need an attraction strategy in order to get people to show up for you.

So number one, attract. Number two, connect. So many people are online spending all this time, creating content and not turning that content into conversations. If you’ve been listening to this podcast or following me for any amount of time, you know, I’m a big fan of getting into conversations, living in conversations, having conversations.

Why? Because the more conversations you have, the more opportunities you have to make an offer, the more opportunity you have to land a client. So not only do you want to attract the right people, but you want to turn that engagement, that content into conversations, and one of the best ways to do that is to start a conversation. Is to initiate a conversation as soon as someone interacts with you.

So if somebody likes something of yours, somebody comments, comment back like back. If somebody DM’s you respond to that message and recognize that your goal is to build a relationship with the people you’re attracting. So one, you want to attract the right people then you want to connect with them.

You want to get them into conversation and in that conversation, it leads us to step three, which is commit. You want to commit them to doing the work and having a financial investment in accomplishing their goal. I’m going to say that again because that’s so good. The third word, if you’re writing that down, commit. Attract, connect with, and commit. Commit them to doing the work and having a financial investment. Being financially invested in accomplishing their goal.

When people pay, people pay attention, they show up, they do the work. So you want to make an offer that allows them to commit to their dream, commit to their goal, commit to doing the work.

So if you’re not making asks, if you’re not asking the people you’re connecting with to commit to their goals with their energy, with their effort, with their time and yes, with their finances, then you’re not giving people an opportunity to say, yes, I’m all in on my dream. Yes, I’m all in on my goals. Yes I’m all in on what I want to accomplish, this vision I have for my business or life.

So make sure you’re attracting the right people by creating content that aligns with what you believe, what you stand for your personality. Make sure you’re connecting with people and you’re not just showing up, but you’re engaging with them. You’re commenting, you’re liking, you’re sending messages. Then you’re asking them to commit, commit to their dream, commit to their goals by working with you and making an offer.

Attract, connect, commit three steps to literally building the business of your dreams. So simple. So easy. I guarantee you put this into action today, make a commitment right now. I’m going to do this today. You will land more clients. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach, and I’ll see you in the next episode.


Attract, connect, commit three steps to literally building the business of your dreams. So simple. So easy.

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