Sell Out Your Programs, Help More People, And Make A Difference…

Isn’t it time you became the go-to expert in your field and had clients knocking down your door to work with you?

I'm shawn Q

Born and raised in southern california, I had nothing more than a desire to make a difference. I am proud to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get paid their worth, raise their price, build high ticket offers, and experience 6+ figure launches.

welcome to the tribe

We believe everyone deserves to live a life of abundance…

Every client in our tribe has an insatiable desire to learn and an unquenchable thirst for action. As your coach and mentor, I’m excited to support you as you step up and become the highly-paid (and sought after) expert that you are…

Through our free content, retreats, masterminds, and online programs, my team and I are eager to help you build a life you deserve.

I’m proud to make a living supporting inspirational, world-class people like you. And my commitment to you (whether you’re starting out or growing an already profitable business) is to bring my whole self to your coaching experience…

Fun facts about me

I can talk about Star Wars for hours.
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I swim a mile
(or 2) a day.
I swim a mile (or 2) a day.
I met my wife when
I was 12 years old.
I feel at home at the beach or ocean.
I feel most at home at the beach or ocean.

I’m on a mission to eradicate poverty, maximize abundance, and…

Change the world

I see an equitable world where every person has access to the tools and support they need to live an abundant life.

That’s why I help coaches and experts easily attract and connect with high-paying dream clients so you can have more fun and grow your business without the ick, sleaze, and non-consensual sales tricks of the past.


Brand Promises

core values

We love simple, easy, and fun strategies as we pursue wildly ambitious goals…

We stand for inclusivity, not elitism.

We promote authenticity, connection, and organization, and fight against the “figure it out yourself” culture.

We believe sales should be ethical, easygoing, and fun, not aggressive, icky, or pushy.