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Landing Clients Has Never Been So Easy!

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After analyzing 137 sales calls from coaches and experts of a variety of industries, I put together a quick cheat-sheet with 13 strategies that will show you how to land more clients, the easy way.


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Isn’t it time you had more fun and grew your business without the ick, sleaze, and non-consensual sales tricks of the past?

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I help coaches and experts just like you.

I’m a business coach on a mission to eradicate poverty, maximize abundance, and change the world by helping you easily land high-paying dream clients! I believe when you’re able to work with clients you love (and who love paying you)... everything changes.


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Create a high-converting sales system and scale your business by landing high-ticket clients...clients and launch or scale 6+ figure businesses.

Hear more ‘Sign Me Up!”s and create a system that turns complete strangers into excited buyers using our tested and proven Heck Yes! Sales method. If you’re ready to craft a high-ticket offer and get it to market fast, let’s work together!

Real Stories


I quickly landed a $5,000 client, then landed my first $30,000 client.

I used to be a leadership coach, then discovered my high-ticket skill set thanks to ShawnQ. Once I made the pivot, I quickly landed a $5,000 client, then landed my first $30,000 client.

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I made $10,497 with my first launch and paid off my student loans!

I was selling programs for $350 dollars as an in-person stylist. Started a group program (thanks to ShawnQ), and made $10,497 with my first launch, which helped me pay off my student loans!

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You deserve to live a life of abundance. If you’re ready to feel more alive, make confident decisions, and say “Heck Yes!” to everything you want in business and life, then get ready for a journey through the world of Heck Yes! Living! Whether you’re a new Entrepreneur or a seasoned expert, this podcast will give you a fresh and new insight into the world of sales, leadership, and personal development.


I landed a $30,000 client and hit my first 6-figures after just 2 months of working with ShawnQ

“I fast-tracked my goals by 5 years. I said I’d make at least 1 million dollars in my business in the next 5 years… I did it in 1 thanks to what I learned from ShawnQ”