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Coaching, mentoring and training to help you easily book higher paying clients using our Heck Yes! Sales & Marketing Methods…

Build a high-ticket offer and get it to market fast in this accelerated course. Complete with life-time access to monthly group coaching, and templates, scripts, and fill-in-the-blank pdfs to help you land your next client, this course has everything you need to become the next highly paid expert.

If you’re serious about making the most POWERFUL PIVOT of your career, and growing a business that’s based around your ability to serve your best clients ever, then you’ll get everything you need to win in the market inside Offer to Clients. If you don’t have a high-ticket offer, or know how to sell your high-ticket offer, then you don’t want to leave without this on-demand training.


Scale your high-ticket offer by crafting a sales system that converts leads on autopilot by joining a group of other successful coaches and experts in this 12 month Mastermind.

From mastering the sales conversation to publishing content that sells, this system will help you turn more of your followers into excited, high-paying buyers.


Every year, ShawnQ carefully selects a handful of 6-7 figure earners to mentor and serve as a strategic advisor. From your personal to professional life (and everything in between), you will have 1:1 access on a bi-weekly basis to ShawnQ’s world-renowned high-flame coaching, so you can maximize your potential, reduce the clutter, and make life more fun and simple.


Success Stories


I have two new clients and that makes me very excited.

I have two new clients and that makes me very excited because I worked to apply everything I learned towards getting those clients. It was easy! I knew what I was going to say, I had the confidence to say it, I was able to handle objects. It made me feel and look like a professional.

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ShawnQ makes sales and business so easy and fun.

“ShawnQ makes sales and business so easy and fun and helped me quit my high-income corporate job and replace it with my high-ticket business!”


I went from selling $500 coaching packages to $15,000 coaching packages.

“I went from selling $500 coaching packages to $15,000 coaching packages. But more than that, I’ve become someone who looks forward to talking about the money because I now know how to make it easy and fun! Thanks ShawnQ”

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The Heck Yes! Leaders retreat is a 4-day in-person retreat for coaches, experts, and business owners who want to level up their leadership, mindset, and strategy in the marketplace. Hosted in a variety of location, this retreat is designed as a work-hard, play-hard, sleep-in retreat for the high-achieving entrepreneurship, filled with inspirational speakers, practical workshops and hands-on support.

More success stories

I hit over 10K so far this January

When I started this in May I made 0 dollars a month. Yesterday I hit over 10K made so far this January!!! If you do the work and get your mind right it’ll come!
Leslie urbas

I just landed a new client

I just landed a new client!!! And she bought my $6000 GOLD package! ($6600 with interest from payment plan)
Sara alaverria

Just got my first client

GOT MY FIRST CLIENT! Money just hit the back and oh does it feel sweet! 5500!

Cassandra kicak

Just signed a 10K client today

Just signed a $10K client today, a $3300 client yesterday…$10K last week…$200 earlier this month…Total of $25,300. And I still have 3 calls booked for today and next week. Gottem to a point where this is fun and marketing is simple and easy.
Hillary hill

Shawn helped me land a $12,000 client

“One small tweak from ShawnQ helped me land a $12,000 client!”
Cassie Kitzmiller

I landed a $61,000 client

“If the money weren’t in the bank, it would be almost unbelievable. I landed a $61,000 client from one conversation I had where I used ShawnQ’s trainings. This works.”
Jay Weaver

I fast-tracked my goals by 5 years

“I fast-tracked my goals by 5 years. I said I’d make at least 1 million dollars in my business in the next 5 years… I did it in 1 thanks to what I learned from ShawnQ”

Robert Fehlen

I landed a $200,000 corporate client

“I landed a $200,000 corporate client. I knew it was possible, I just needed to know HOW to make it happen. Thank you ShawnQ for showing me how!”
Patrick Boone

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