Replay: Coaching Panel Featuring ShawnQ! Pt. 3 (Season 2, Episode 10)

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We have a special episode for you today because we’re giving you a replay of a panel ShawnQ spoke on at a Sales Conference recently. Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? ShawnQ may be the perfect fit for you! Reach out to the team here


Alyson Lex:

How do you like to get people to pay you more than one time? That’s really what today is all about. There are a couple of different ways, right? How do you like to do it? What does that look like in your business?


Okay. So I think what’s really, really, really fundamental to recognize is that onboarding or the experience somebody has the first 13 days of working with you is going to determine whether or not they’re going to buy from you again, or whether or not they’re even going to ask for a refund from you. The reason why we focus so much on onboarding is, think of it as when… Okay first, I love sales because it’s an opportunity to open a relationship with someone who you can create impact for.

I want to say that income is only a reflection and a response to impact. So the more impact you create in somebody’s life, the more income you can raise, you can expect. So in the onboarding process, the first 13 days, you want to make sure that you set up the fact that you want them to buy again.

One of the things I tell our new clients, our new arrivals is, guess what? By the end of working with us, if you do all the work we’re going to give you all the support you need, you literally have everything you need to accomplish this, but by the end of our work together, you’re going to be so ready to invest in this next thing. Aren’t you so excited about that because that’s going to mean you’ve done this. You’ve done that you have this in place. You’re going to be able to go to this site and see that.

You’re setting them up for success in the first conversation you have after they’ve purchased. And so your seeding, I want you to keep coming back. I want to earn my right to be your coach on a consistent long-term basis, and during our time together, we’re going to make sure that happens.

Now, another thing we do during our onboarding process is we have a full 147 point checklist that we go through with our clients that’s so exhaustive when we say, “Okay, listen, you’re not going to have everything checked off. If you do, I’m going to give you your money back because you already have everything, but let’s go through everything. Let’s see where you’re at in your business.”

When we identify the biggest milestones that is customized to them. And we say, once you’ve accomplished this, you’re ready for the next thing. I don’t even want you to buy that next thing until you’ve accomplished this, because that means we’ve done our job. You’ve done your job and you’re ready for it. It goes back to the questions I said in the very beginning is what will they already have accomplished, and what do they already need to believe in order to go to that next level?

It’s all built into your onboarding process, or at least what we call the first 13 day experience where you’re setting them up for the next sale or right after you’ve made the initial sale. Something I I’m a firm believer in is you haven’t made the sale until they buy again. So make sure you’re setting them up for that next buy right at the beginning.

Alyson Lex:

I would like to know your takeaway, whether it’s about the experience of being an expert, seeing what’s in the VIP, which I’ll talk about in a minute. These panels, the sessions, whatever you’ve seen, something that stuck out to you about this event, something you learned, something you would like to do in the future and that kind of thing.


Spending time with all of you, amazing people has been so fun and so amazing. Uh, thank you so much for letting me show up with my 10 out of 10 energy. Sometimes it, I have to remind myself, okay, bring it down. I just want to say one of my biggest takeaways has been being a part of this panel.

Actually, I can’t tell you how many times I’m on summits, online conferences, online events that are all virtual and I speak at the same one as this other speaker, and we speak at five events before we even encounter each other, before we even have a conversation, before we even chat.

So this kind of feels like I don’t know about anybody here, but if you guys speak on stages or in like offline events, but pre COVID pre kind of crazy stuff. It felt like this feels kind of like backstage where you’re speaking with some of the speakers and you’re able to connect and just the best collaborations, best ideas come from backstage. So I am just honored to be a part of this and thank you everybody for all of the #goldennuggets. So

Alyson Lex:

I am very thankful for everything that I’ve learned from you guys from mindset shifts to strategies, to ways to think about things to big dreams. That’s what I’ve gotten from the event. I hope that that’s what our attendees have gotten. I’m gonna wrap us now and just with a very, very grateful heart and a thankful attitude, thank you guys for coming to coaching conversion 2021, and keep an eye out for CC 22.


Income is only a reflection and response to impact. The more impact you create in somebody's life, the more income you can expect.

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