Do This One Small Tweak & 10x Your Confidence Today (Season 2, Episode 6)

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I’m certain you’ve heard it before, “Look the part be the part”, right? In this episode, ShawnQ explains how changing something as simple as your wardrobe can increase your performance, clarity, and even empower you to be a leader in everything that you do…



Hey ShawnQ here, and in this episode, I want to share a little bit about my fitness journey and how it relates to my business. How you can take this one insight that I received and turn it into extraordinary confidence.

So I have made a decision I’m going to get really healthy when I turned 30 years old, something just shifted in my mind, like, okay, I got to take life seriously. I got to take my health seriously. So in January of 2021,  I made a decision I’m going to cut out the things that I’m overeating like excessively eating.

So that’s like pasta, bread, tortillas, rice, I mean all the good carby foods. Then I also cut processed sugar because listen, this is kind of embarrassing, I’m just going to admit it, don’t hold that against me. In 2020, almost every night I had multiple big bowls of ice cream.

I have a sweet tooth and so I would eat just a ton of ice cream. So I cut out processed sugar. That included the ice cream, and cookies, and soda, and just all of this, like all the carbs and all this sugar. Now, after having done that for about three months, I realized, oh, this is kind of like keto, but what was really helpful for me was recognizing that it was my diet. It was my lifestyle.

It wasn’t a diet or a lifestyle that somebody else was telling me to do because I’m a little rebellious. I don’t know about you, but if somebody tells me to do something, I don’t want to do it. Even if it’s something I was going to do, as soon as someone tells me to go do it, my desires to go do it drops like 1000%.

So I had to make a decision. What can I do? And what kind of diet and lifestyle can I own? So I cut out the carbs and the sugar and for the first three months I lost about 25 to 30 pounds just from cutting carbs and sugar. Now I don’t recommend that for everybody. Make sure you’re speaking to medical, a health coach, a dietician, somebody who knows your body and can help you make strong decisions for that. Worked for me, it was awesome.

After three months I made a decision to add in exercise and movement. Now I am not the kid who loved to go to gym class. I was the kid. You know, when you had to walk, like run the mile, I was the guy in the very back, walking the mile and taking like the full 17 minutes they gave you to walk them out. That was me. I just did not like gym, did not like getting sweaty.

So thinking about adding exercise and movement was a really difficult thing for me, but I knew I wanted to get fit. I’m like working towards the abs. I wanted to look good for my wife and like, I wanted to feel comfortable at the beach. So I started adding movement and I started going to the gym.

There’s a local gym in our area that I really enjoy and I made a decision early on that. I wasn’t going to do things that I didn’t love doing because I had to love it. If I didn’t love it, I would be motivated for maybe a week or two, but then I’d fall off the wagon. So I made a decision. What kind of movement do I love to do, and I would do whether or not there’s the side effect of losing weight for me. It was swim.

Now, listen, I know I’m talking about my fitness. I know that this has nothing to do with business, but I’m going to make the connection in this episode, just a hole hold onto your seats. So I took on swimming and I love swimming.

I’m not a great swimmer. When I first started, I was like the worst swimmer, but I made a decision swimming. It makes me feel good. It gives me joy. I would swim either way. I grew up in Southern California near the beach. So like it reminded me of home.

And I like, that’s what I chose. So swimming is the thing I was going to do. Well, I joined this gym and this gym has something called the mile swim club, which is a ton of people who are swimming, and they’re like every day, every other day, you know, at least once a week, they’re swimming a full mile.

These people are like ripped. These are swimmers, like they know what they’re doing. So I made a decision, you know what? I’m going to join that club. It’s free to join, obviously I was part of the gym, it was a free part of my membership. So I decided, okay, I’m going to be a part of this, even though I’m not really good at what I’m doing, I’m not like, I don’t know what I’m doing really. I can barely do like freestyle strokes. I’m going to figure it out. So what did I do?

I not only joined this club where people were swimming, I also went to our local sports store and I bought goggles. I bought a cap. I bought ear plugs because water would get in my ear when I’m swimming. I bought a swimsuit that like the other professionals were wearing. And I was like, you know what? I’m if I want to be the part and I want to get success in this, I have to also look the part.

That’s where I discovered something. There’s something called uniform confidence. Write this down if you’re taking notes, uniform confidence. As soon as I was wearing my cap, my goggles, like my swimsuit, my ear pieces, I felt like, wow, I can do this. It was almost the same feeling I get when I’m wearing like a really nice fitted tuxedo or I’m like wearing like the good outfit I own.

Maybe for you guys, like maybe it’s like that, just that good piece of clothing, you just feel so good and it’s comfortable, fits perfectly. And I discovered there is confidence when you look the part, something called uniform confidence. So I started applying it in my business.

Now I used to work from home for the first, you know, three or four years of owning my business. Now we have our studio, but I mean, I still wear what I want right? You’re super comfy clothes, kind of a t-shirt etcetera. But I started wearing more button ups and I started getting ready in the morning like I never would as if I was going to like this really high talent job.

What I discovered was as I sat at my desk, even though I’m the boss, I felt more confident to perform. I was just wearing nicer clothes. I was just wearing a button up that I bought, like for five bucks at like the thrift store. And yet it was what I was wearing that helped me look the part and feel more confident.

So here’s what I want to encourage you to do. If you work from home. I know we got a lot of listeners who work from home. They’re you know, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, they maybe they have their own headquarters. Like your in your headquarters, but you’re, but I encourage you, test it out, buy a good piece of clothing buy something that you just feel really good. That makes you feel like a professional and look like a professional.

I guarantee that uniform confidence will increase the performance that you bring to the table. It’ll increase the clarity you feel. It increases the empowerment you feel when you’re working with clients, when you’re posting on social, because you’ll look the part and you’ll feel the part. Go get some uniform confidence today.

Like I said, you don’t have to spend like a thousand dollar uniform or anything like that. I know some people who they actually have clothing that they’ve customized, that has like the name of their brand, or their logo on their t-shirt. So if you want to be super comfortable with still want to wear, t-shirts still wear something that identifies you as a professional as what you are, and that will give you uniform confidence.

Now I’ve been swimming for several weeks now, and I have passed every single barrier that, and every single goal that I’ve given myself. So I’m super proud of myself. Are you a swimmer? Let us know, like reach out to us. I’d love to connect to and talk about this new passion of mine. Anyways I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach. Go get uniform confidence, go feel good and look good and go feel like a professional and look like a professional. I’ll see you in the next episode.


I guarantee that uniform confidence will increase the performance that you bring to the table. It'll increase the clarity you feel. It increases the empowerment you feel when you're working with clients, because you'll look the part and you'll feel the part.

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