Answer Objections Like A Pro With This One Tip (Season 2, Episode 4)

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Objective #1 in business is landing clients but the more clients you pitch the more objections you’re bound to encounter right? Well in this episode, ShawnQ gives you his super secrete strategy to help you prepare yourself for the objects you are most likely to get from your clients…


Hey ShawnQ here, and in this episode, I’m going to show you one super secret strategy that I use, to be able to see how other people are answering objections. Now you’re going to hear objections it’s going to happen. It’s a natural part of the sales process.

An objection is an indication that they’re thinking about it, that they have questions, they have concerns. They want to do it, but there’s this obstacle in the way, and if you can overcome that obstacle, they’re willing to say yes. Now, a lot of my clients, when I first started working with them, think that people use objections to say no, but here’s the truth behind it.

Objections aren’t actually people saying no, it’s people saying why they can’t say yes. Maybe it’s a money issue. Maybe they have to talk to a spouse. Maybe you have to figure something out with their time.

It’s not that they’re saying no. Oftentimes it’s why they’re not able to say yes and if you can overcome that issue, they are saying yes. So whenever I’m in a conversation, I know the way I answer the concerns, the questions, the objections, but I also want to know how other people are doing that too. Unfortunately you can’t listen in to people’s sales calls, but you can do something else.

Here’s the simple strategy. Anytime somebody is selling something, they typically have a sales page, you know, a website, a page where they’re describing what the program is. At the very bottom of the page, it’s kind of structurally standard for them to have a FAQ, a frequently asked questions section, and in it, they’re trying to answer people’s objections.

So oftentimes what I’ll do is I’ll go to a sales page and I’ll go to their frequently asked questions section and I’ll see, how were they handling the time issue? How are they handling the money issue? How are they handling that I have to talk to someone issue?

That’s a great way to see how your competition or your potential collaborators are answering the objections you’re likely to get as well. The FAQ is also an indication of the common questions that they get, that you can then prepare for as you get into that market.

So make sure you’re checking out those, FAQ’s check out those sales pages, see how other people are answering those objections and it’ll help inform the way you can answer those objections. I’m ShawnQ, your high ticket sales coach, and I’ll see you in the next episode.


Objections aren't actually people saying no, it's people saying why they can't say yes.

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