Part 2: 3 More Reasons You’re Not Landing High-Ticket Clients (Season 2, Episode 13)

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Landing clients is one thing. Becoming someone who can easily land clients is a whole ‘nother level of growth. In this episode, you’re going to hear the 3 more reasons why you may be your worst enemy when it comes to building your online business (and what you can do to turn your inner enemy into your inner cheerleader!)…



Hey ShawnQ, here and welcome to this episode where I’m going to share with you even more reasons why you may not be landing high-paying dream clients. Listen, if you’re like if you know how to ask the perfect most powerful question, be present with your clients deeply listen and point out exactly what it is they need and help them uncover the answers. Or maybe you’re a consultant, right? Like,  you bring an expertise in a skill set and an understanding to a problem and people pay you for that. Or maybe you’re a service provider, right? You support your clients by doing some of the fulfillment. Maybe you’re a social media manager, graphic designer. Here are three more reasons why you may not be landing high paying dream clients. People you love working with people who love to pay you and people who love sending you referrals.

Here’s  number one. Okay. Write this down. If you’re taking notes, write this down. Number one, another reason why you may not be landing high paying dream clients is you’re trying to be everywhere. Listen you cannot do it. It doesn’t work. You cannot be ever okay.

At the time of this recording. Uh, I believe I read this once that Gary Vaynerchuk, everybody knows Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s great ton of content gets produced by this dude. And he has a team of like eight full time, highly paid content creators that consistently record him, produce his content, repurpose it and publish it across social media platforms, eight full-time. And that’s just for his personal brand. That’s not for VaynerMedia for his his agency.

So listen. So many times people see Gary Vaynerchuk or people like him, and they’re like, wow, he’s everywhere. I gotta be everywhere cause I want to be like him. When it’s just you, right? Maybe you’re a solopreneur. Maybe you have a VA. Maybe you have just a small team and you’re building out but you don’t got like eight full time content creators that you’re paying $150,000 a year to each person who is completely dedicated to following you. Every single place you go. It’s just, it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to put that burden on yourself, to try to be everywhere.

Listen, one of the biggest challenges that I see, a lot of people who come to me for is, Shawn I’m trying to be everywhere, but it’s not working. And here’s the truth. When you try to be everywhere, you’re actually ending up nowhere. So let me, let me, let me share with you. The power… this so cool. Okay. Write this down. The power of one, the power of one.

I remember my wife had showed me some Tik ToK. She has six on her phone. I don’t cause it just drains my day. I’ll get so sucked in, but she has Tik ToK on her phone. So we have this really fun kind of a routine where we’re going to bed and we have something called Funnies. So she saves all these funny videos on Tik ToK and I’ll be like, okay, do you got any Funnies for me today? And she’d be like, oh my gosh. Yes, this is hilarious.

So we’ll start watching Tik ToK and we’ll watch Tik ToK for like 20 minutes. Just these 15 second videos. It’s so fun. Uh, so I was trying to remember a video that she had showed me on Tik ToK and I was like, I don’t have Tik ToK. I don’t want to download it, but I’m, I bet it’s on YouTube.

So I went to YouTube and I looked up like I did as many searches as I could remember. Uh, I even searched the person’s name who created the piece of content on Tik ToK and it wasn’t found on YouTube. So then I was like, okay, let me, maybe it’s on like Instagram. I’ve been doing reels. A lot of people have been re-purposing Tik ToK to reels so let me go look there. Couldn’t find anything.

So I was like, maybe it’s on Facebook. Maybe they have a Facebook page. So I went to Facebook. Couldn’t find anything. Guess what? The Tik ToK she had showed me had 4.5 million views, hundreds of thousands of comments, and could only be found on Tik ToK and what this personal brand decided to do was choose one place that they were going to play. They weren’t going to be anywhere.

So you had to go find that content by going to the platform they chose. So guess what I did, I really wanted to show this video to the group of people I was with. So I download, Tik ToK. I was like, all right, let me create my account. Created the account, looked for the video, found the video, showed it to them. I ended up reacting to it and then I deleted the app right after.

Now here’s the big point I want to make. Most people are scared that if they choose just one platform, nobody will find them. Or if they’re not everywhere, they’re going to lose opportunities. But listen, when you choose one platform that you can shine on, maybe it’s audio. So you, you are on clubhouse and you got, you maybe have a podcast maybe for you. It’s a video shine on camera.

So maybe you have a live show on Facebook or you’re creating content on YouTube, or maybe you’re really fun in like 15 seconds. So you’re on Instagram or on Tik ToK, whatever your platform is that allows you to shine. Choose one and people will go find you when the content is quality.

Instead of spending all this energy, trying to be everywhere, spend all that energy, choosing one platform and saying, I’m going to own it. This platform, I’m going to know what every single button on this platform does. I’m going to test out every single feature I’m going to create such great content on this one platform that people have to download the app, even if they’re adamant about never downloading it because my content is so good. And it’s only on this platform.

Listen, uh, maybe you’re a fan. Maybe you’re not, I’m not necessarily a fan of Joe Rogan, but he got like a multi-million dollar deal by being exclusive on Spotify. Before that he was exclusive on YouTube exclusivity with your content increases the value of your content. Catch that. Like don’t try to repurpose your content, especially if it’s just you or like a small team, just kill it on one platform. Create great content on that platform so much so that people will love being there.

So the first reason why you may not be landing high paying dream clients, because you’re trying to create content everywhere, hoping you don’t miss out on opportunity. Instead choose one. Okay. Second reason why you may not be landing high-paying dream clients.

Number two, you’re trying to do everything. So the first one was you’re trying to be everywhere. The second is you’re, you’re trying to do everything. So you’re the person who’s doing social media. You’re the person who’s doing the coaching. You’re the person who is doing the consulting. You’re also doing the sales. You’re doing the marketing, you’re doing the customer support. You’re doing, you’re like wearing all of the hats, and I get it.

Especially when I first started, I didn’t have a full-time staff. Like it was just me at my kitchen table on my crappy laptop. I understand completely what it feels like to be in that space. Here’s the thing. When you have very limited time and very limited resources, do not try to do everything, do the one thing that you’re really, really, really, really, really good at. Prioritize the right things in this season you’re in.

So this specifically is for those of you who have not yet hit the 10 to $15,000 a month, mark. Okay. If you have not hit that, mark, it’s likely you don’t have an offer that’s selling right? Well, like everyone said, duh,  if I’m not making money, I don’t have an offer that’s selling.

Your job in this season isn’t to be everywhere. It’s not to do everything. It’s to do one thing and that’s this to craft an offer for real people who you’d love to work with and figure out a way you can sell it. That’s it. That’s all you got to do, create the offer and sell it. You don’t have to market it, like that’s crazy, right? You don’t have to market it. You don’t have to spend money on ads. You don’t have to do any of that. All you gotta do craft the offer.

Then go talk to people, go talk to real people, go have conversations with people. Don’t try to do everything. Get into the one thing that’s actually going to sell your offer, which is talking to people. So if you’re trying to do everything, you’re doing the marketing, the sales that you’re just trying to there’s just so overwhelming.

Instead do the one thing which is craft an offer for people. You want to work with people who bring you joy and then go sell it. That’s it. And sell it again and sell it again and sell it again until you’re hitting about $10,000 a month. At that point, that’s when you can say, okay, now I have money coming in. Now I can invest that money in support so I can do another thing or I can hire a marketer so they can take care of that. Or I can hire a sales person so they can release me from that. And I can then go do something else. If you don’t have 10 to $15,000 coming in each month, craft an offer, then go sell it.

Now the third reason why you may not be landing during class, okay? The first one was you’re trying to be everywhere. The second one was you’re trying to do everything. The third reason why you may not be landing high-paying dream clients is this. You’re trying to reach every one.

Listen, listen, listen. I know niching down is a scary thing. Focusing on just one type of person is the scary thing. I can’t tell you how many times a limiting belief enters your space. When you say, all right, I’m going to be hyper-focused here. Oh, but that means I’m going to exclude everyone else. And we don’t want to do that because it feels like we’re rejecting everyone else.

Here’s the truth. You got to say no to a whole lot so you can say yes to the right thing. Write that down. That was a breakthrough for someone you have to be willing to say no to almost everything except the right thing. Who are the right people for you? Who are the dream people for you? Who are the people you’re supposed to be working with?

Listen, if you want to work with everyone, that includes the negative Nancy’s. That includes people you don’t even get along with. That includes people you don’t even like, right? Cause that’s everyone. You don’t want to work with everyone. You want to work with the right one. So let me encourage you. Instead of trying to work with everyone, instead of trying to reach everyone, you’re not going to reach anyone.

Instead of doing that, ask yourself who are the right people for this? Who are the people who are going to get results 10 times faster than anyone else who are the people who are already in action. And when I come alongside them, they’re going to 10 X, their action. They’re going to 10 X there as who are people who are already committed. I don’t have to convince them or persuade them. Who are the people who are already invested with their time, their effort, their energy, their treasure, their money, like who is already committed, who has already decided this is something they need.

Those are the people that you want to go after. If you’re trying to convince everyone, you’re going to convince no one go after the right one. So three reasons why you may not be landing dream plans. Three more reasons. Number one, you’re trying to be everywhere. And number two, you’re trying to do everything. And number three, you’re trying to be for every one instead, choose one platform, create quality content on.

Instead of doing everything, do the one thing that you need to do in this season of your business. Number three, instead of trying to work with everyone, find the right one. Was this helpful? What if you thought this was like, just so good. So juicy, go ahead and share this episode with a friend. They will thank you for it. I guarantee it. They’ll be like, oh my gosh, thank you. This is exactly what I needed. Anyways. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach and I’ll see you in the next episode.


Here's the truth. You got to say no to a whole lot so you can say yes to the right thing.

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