Part 3: Another 3 Reasons You’re Not Landing High-Ticket Clients (Season 2, Episode 14)

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If you’re still having trouble landing Dream Clients don’t fret because this season ShawnQ is giving up all his juicy sales secrets. In this episode, you’re going to hear another 3 reasons why you may be your worst enemy when it comes to building your online business (and what you can do to turn your inner enemy into your inner cheerleader!)…



Hey ShawnQ here and welcome to today’s episode where I am going to share with you three more reasons why you may not be landing high paying dream clients. Now the very last episode was one of our most downloaded episodes to date, where we uncovered three mindsets issues and challenges that most people are facing, which is causing them to not have high paying dream clients. And so today we want to kind of build on that momentum and give you three more reasons why you may not be landing high being dream clients.

Maybe you are a coach, a consultant, a service provider, like a graphic designer, a social media manager. You know that you’re really good at what you do. You bring an expertise and a skill set to the marketplace, but for some reason nobody’s saying, heck yes, sign me up. And maybe you’re having conversations with people, but they’re like, Hey, can I get that discount? Or can I get this for free? And you’re like, I know what I’m worth. Why am I attracting the wrong people?

Well, here, here’s the thing. When one of the most important elements to landing high-paying dream clients is to number one. If you’re taking notes, write this down, define your dream clients. The reason why you’re not attracting the right people is because you don’t know who the right people are and you’re not using their language.

Let me break this down a little bit. Okay. You got to make sure that you understand who you want as a client. Now I am not talking about an ideal client avatar, uh, or you know, one of those different documents that you sit at your kitchen table and you fill out and you’re like, oh, what age are they? And what grade did they grow? You know, what was their highest grade in elementary school? And how much money are they making?

No, of course, maybe that information is super important, but what’s more important is being able to identify how they show up in the world. You see most the time people focus on demographics, demographics are things about your dream clients. For example, you know, they’re 30 to 35 years old, they’re making five to $10,000 a month. They’re, you know, it’s just information about them.

If that’s all I knew about you, would you say, I know you? Probably not. You’d probably be like, well, you know, a couple of things about me, you know, some trivia about me and that’s what demographics are. It’s, it’s kinda like trivia information psychographics on the other hand, this is a deeper layer to who your dream clients are. This is how they show up in the world and who they are in their most authentic way.

If I knew what you believed when it came to love and relationships and fitness and health. If I knew what you valued, when it came to family and friendship, what you looked for in a good friend. If I knew what you were afraid of, the things that maybe you’re even afraid to acknowledge yourself, and maybe I even knew what your routines were, what you did on a day-to-day basis. How you showed up and when you showed up, would you say, I knew you now for most people?

Well, only my deepest friends know that stuff about me only, only my spouse or my best friend. Know those things about me. When you can understand that as a coach or a consultant or a service provider about your dream clients, they’re going to naturally say, oh my gosh, you get me. Yes. Heck yes. You understand what I’m all about?

And so what I want to do is I want to give you some homework. I want you to sit down at your kitchen table and I want you to think of someone you’ve really connected with this could be a friend, right? It doesn’t have to be a client. This could be a really good friend, maybe a family member. Maybe it’s your partner, whoever it is. Think of this real person that you deeply connect with. And I want you to write down all the characteristics that come up for why you deeply connected with them.

For me, I love having conversations that are really deep and not just deep, but they’re very personal and vulnerable. So I love people having conversations with people. It brings out the best in me when we’re able to sit down, have some good coffee and just have really deep, meaningful conversations.

I really connect with people who are introverts because I’m an introvert. These are people who would rather stay home than go to the party. You know, these are the people who are like, give me a good cup of tea and like a fireplace and I am solid. They get drained when they’re around people, it doesn’t mean they are not social just means they recharge their energy when they’re by themselves. And so introverts are one of my favorite people to talk to.

So I want you to ask yourself this who are my favorite people to talk to on what makes them my favorite? Because then you can identify as a coach consultant service provider, the type of person going to pull out the best in you. And that’s what makes the dream client a dream client. It’s someone who pulls your best out simply because of who they are.

You see, there are some people that I’m friends with and I’m putting like, you can’t see me, but I’m putting quotes around friends because I’m friendly to them. But I would not want to spend a weekend with them because they drain me and it’s like, okay, I have to prepare myself for these conversations. For some people it’s like family during Thanksgiving. It’s like, okay, I love them, but I I’m. Okay. Loving them from a distance. Listen, just by being around them, it pulls out a part of you that maybe you don’t like the same thing happens with the people you do like.

The people you are eager with, they will naturally pull out the best in you. And so make sure you’re defining who your dream clients are as a real person in a very real way. And not just sitting at your kitchen table, like how old are they? That’s important. Sure. But what’s more important is do they bring out the best in you? And can you identify those characteristics and traits those values and beliefs that will pull out the best in you?

Because when you’re out in the market, when you’re on Facebook, you’re on social media, you’re posting content. You can then say, does this speak to that person? Does it speak to what they believe in their values, to who they are as a person? One of the reasons why you may not be landing dream clients, the second reason. So the first reason is you just, you haven’t defined who that dream client is. The second is you’re not using their language.

Let me give you kind of an example. So I had a, I had a client who was a publishing company, right? He ran a seven figure publishing company. And on the front part of his website, the very first part you read when you go to his website was we will help you publish your book, which kind of makes sense for a book publishing company, you know, like, okay, cool. They’re gonna help us publish books.

Well, we actually did some work with them. And we interviewed 30 of his clients, the people who were paying him to help him in his words, publish their book. And we said, what are you paying him to do? Like how, in your own words, how is he helping you? None of them said, he’s helping me publish my book. Instead. They said, he’s helping me become a published author. He’s helping me get published. Now notice those are practically the same thing and they are the same thing, but the way they were communicating, it was completely different.

You see the owner of the publishing company was saying, I’m going to help you publish books and they didn’t care about that. His clients cared about becoming published authors. It’s the same thing, communicated very differently. And so I want to encourage you if you’re not attracting dream clients, it’s likely that you’re using language that may resonate you, but it’s not resonating with them.

You may be sharing in a live stream or on stage or creating a podcast of your own. And, and you’re you’re sharing, but you’re not sharing in their language. You’re sharing in your language. In a previous podcast, you can go look it up. I said, marketing at the base foundation of it is simply getting people excited about what you do, getting them excited about what you offer, how do you get people excited? You share with them in a way that they can hear it, you know?

Okay. So I just celebrated my five-year anniversary and one of the most cool things that I’ve discovered about being married is communication really, truly is the foundation of a healthy relationship. I can’t tell you how many times me and my wife had one of those, you know, this tough conversations, those challenging conversations where we uncovered, oh, I said something, but you heard something different. Or she said something, but I heard it differently.

Listen, the, one of the biggest fallacies, one of the biggest myths or the biggest illusions of communication is that it happened. Catch that, catch that that’s so, so key. The biggest illusion to communication is that it’s happened. Sometimes you think you’re communicating when you’re not, you’re saying things, but you’re not communicating in a way they can receive.

So first reason why you may not be landing dream clients is you haven’t defined them. Second reason is you’re not communicating to them in a way that they can actually receive it. The third reason here is you just haven’t gone out and told people, or you haven’t told people, this is who I’m looking for. This is where they’re at. This is where they want to go. These are the specific challenges they’re facing and the way they want to accomplish their goal is this way you just haven’t put it out there.

You haven’t gone to your network and your connections and your family and your friends and you haven’t told them, Hey, this is the work of my life. This is how I want to make a difference and how I want to create impact in the world. Do you know anyone who fits this description because I’m on the hunt. And I know I’m almost there. I’ve almost found them it’s so, so, so fundamental. So key to let the world know, to let the world know, to get it out there.

So here’s your homework. So once you’ve identified who they are, once you’ve uncovered their language and the way they described their goals and their challenges start telling people. This is who I’m after. This is who I’m going for. This is the exact person I want to support as they do the work that they’re called to do. I want to do the work I’m called to do. And I guarantee if you begin to work on these challenges, you will begin to build momentum. And hear, heck yes  sign me up from high-paying dream clients.

Was this helpful or what if you thought this was amazing go ahead and leave us a review. I will appreciate it. The team will appreciate it. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach and let’s see in the next episode.


The people you are eager with, they will naturally pull out the best in you. And so make sure you're defining who your dream clients are as a real person in a very real way.

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