Part 1: 3 Reasons You’re Not Landing High-Ticket Clients (Season 2, Episode 12)

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Landing clients is one thing. Becoming someone who can easily land clients is a whole ‘nother level of growth. In this episode, you’re going to hear the 3 most common reasons why you may be your worst enemy when it comes to building your online business (and what you can do to turn your inner enemy into your inner cheerleader!)…



We’re going to dive right in and I’m going to share with you why you may not be landing high ticket clients. Maybe you’re a coach. Maybe you’re an expert. Maybe you’re a freelancer like a graphic designer, social media manager. Actually let me know. What is it that you do? What type of business are you in?

If you are in business, then oftentimes, I don’t know about you, but I remember when I landed, my first client paid in full $10 a month and it was, it was crazy because I was so scared about the numbers. And so I know that it’s really important for you to not just land any client. You want to land, dream clients.

You want to land clients who love paying you, who love what you do, who value your work and who show up to get the work done. They’re committed. They’re all in. I mean, I call those type of clients, dream clients, but in the online space, it can be really difficult to find those people. And it can really be really discouraging if you’re not landing those clients.

Let me know if you’ve ever been there where you’re like, man, I feel really discouraged. I don’t really know, like how do I do this? What I want to share with you three reasons why you may not be doing it.

Number one, okay? The first reason why you may not be get lending clients is you might have an I can’t mentality. Now, the reason why this is such an important issue that I see in a lot of entrepreneurs that we work with. A lot of coaches that we work with is they think, well, I can’t sell that at that price. I can’t sell high ticket. I can’t, I can’t land clients at a high price. And I actually want to give you a language shift right now from I can’t to I don’t.

Okay. There’s a difference. And I actually learned this in my own health journey. Uh, I remember being on a diet and it was like, I can’t have chocolate cake. Sorry, I can’t do that. And it was, it was things I was pushing away, but it wasn’t really a decision I made. Whereas I don’t eat chocolate cake. That is an identity shift. Notice that an I can’t do something is focused on capabilities. I don’t is focused on identity.

And so here’s the thing, instead of saying, I can’t land high paying clients. I want you to start saying this. I don’t land clients who don’t value my time. Sorry. I don’t take on clients that I don’t accept clients into my practice. That don’t value what I’m doing.

I choose. I don’t work with people who are not in a good place to be able to afford me who can pay me. I only work with clients who value my time, clients who do the work clients who are committed. I can’t versus I don’t, I can’t it’s focus on capability. And here’s a really incredible thing about I can’t is it focuses on capacity on capabilities.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t swim until I learned how to now I can swim. Like every day I swim a mile, which is really cool. When I was younger, I couldn’t walk. I could only crawl until I learned how to. And so oftentimes we think an I can’t is an impossibility. When the reality is everything becomes knowable.

When you make a decision, when you say I can’t right now, but I’m going to learn how to, and I’m choosing to not work with clients who don’t value the work that I’m doing, who don’t value the results that I can get them. See that difference. There’s like a power shift in energy, energy shift from I can’t to, I don’t here’s the second secret.

Okay. Reason number two, why you may not be landing, clients is having an I shouldn’t mentality. And I really want to kind of sit in this one because I know I’ve actually worked with a lot of clients who say, well, I shouldn’t charge high prices. There’s a morality question and an ethics question here of, should I really raise my prices? Should I really be charging this much money for my clients? Should I really be focusing on raising my prices?

They almost feel guilty or icky or sleazy for raising their prices or they feel like they they’re, they’re a bad person for having high prices. The reality is you deserve to get paid well, if you’re really good at what you do, if you know, you can get people results, there’s a deep transformation.

People actually want to pay you. There’s no shame in ethically making a profit, no shame, hashtag no shame. There’s no shame, especially if you’re doing good work. Now, if you’re a jerk, if you’re a sleaze, if you’re like doing work with clients and you’re not actually like you can actually get them results. Of course don’t charge like a $10,000 prize for a $10 result.

But if you know that you’re really good at what you do, and you’re only getting better. If you know that once clients say yes and commit to doing the work, if you know that when people use your strategies and use your experience and use your insight and wisdom and put it into play, they actually get results. Then you deserve to get paid too. There’s room for you to there’s space for you to know a lot of people think.

And I know about this, like my relationship with money used to be really, really icky. I used to think like if I make too much money, I must be a bad person. I used to think if my business explodes and I must be selfish or greedy. The truth is who you are today will only be exposed, will only be revealed even more so when you have money.

So if today you love being generous. If today you like having the ability to give to non-profits organizations, maybe even a church or, or, uh, a group of people. Maybe if today you have a desire to serve. When you have money, you’re going to be the same. You’re just going to have more opportunity. Your platform of generosity, your platform of making a difference and making an impact is only going to increase.

Money doesn’t change you. Money reveals you. So this idea of, I shouldn’t have high prices. I shouldn’t land high paying clients. I want you to begin to change that to this question, okay, there’s going to be an energy shift. There’s going to be a shift, a mindset shift here from I shouldn’t land clients, high paying clients to how could I land high paying clients in such a way that aligns with my values and beliefs?

How might I make more money and still be a good person? How might I have resource to be able to give to those organizations and nonprofits that I want to give to? How might I use my profit for my purpose? When you change it from, I shouldn’t make money and I’m so scared to make money. There’s a lot of fear, a lot of shame too. How could I do this and still be true to myself?

Your brain begins to open up to a lot of brainstormed ideas. It begins to open itself, up to possibilities. You begin to see the world in a much more unique, different way. So how might you make a whole lot of money and do really good work in this world?

I want to share this also, whenever I’m talking to a coach or a client of ours, whenever I’m coaching a client, whenever I hear the word should or shouldn’t, I immediately recognize that there’s a sense of shame associated with it because somebody is creating that standard for you. Somebody is telling you should, or shouldn’t.

I want to ask you based on whose standards, who is creating that shame for you, what would life look like if you release any fear or shame around money and high paying clients, and you said you made a decision, I’m going to make a difference? And yeah, I’m also going to make a whole lot of money so that it can make even more of a difference.

Notice that energy shift notice that energy change. So the reason number one, why you may not be landing clients is because maybe you haven’t. I can’t mentality. Remember shift that to an I don’t an identity shift. I don’t land clients, or I don’t accept clients, or you don’t say yes to who don’t value my work.

Reason number two is having an I shouldn’t mentality where there’s a lot of shame, a lot of fear associated with it and we’re going to turn that into how could you, how could you make a lot of money and still make a difference? Now, the third reason for this is having an I’m not mentality.

Now the reason why this is such a big issue. And it’s such a prevailing issue is cause as, as creatures, as, as humans, we live a life of comparison. We’re always comparing ourselves, always. We’re looking at other people and we’re, our brain is actually, our brain is designed to compare. To see what is good and what is bad.

We take a look at two apples. One has bruises, one doesn’t. We can compare those two. We look at the way somebody lives their life and somebody else lives their life. And we can compare which one do we want to follow? We actually had been given this incredible gift by like our brain has been designed and created in a way where we can compare, but there’s a dark side of comparison.

That is where we say, “well, they’re like that, so I can’t be like that. I’m not smart enough like so-and-so. I’m not good looking enough. I’m not fit enough. I’m not healthy enough. I’m not strategic enough. I’m not in all of these.

I’m not begins to give our brain evidence of why you’re not, right? Your brain looks for evidence. And when you tell yourself, I’m not like so-and-so, your brain begins to believe it. So let me encourage you. Stop believing your brain. Stop believing your brain. Stop believing you can’t do something. You shouldn’t do something or you’re not something enough to be able to do it.

This goes back to capacity. This goes back to self-worth. This looks back, goes back to your ability to look in the mirror and say, I am enough. I am valuable enough. I am worthy enough. I am capable enough. I can do this.

I mentioned my ability to swim. So one of the things I do when I swim, I swim a mile every single morning. Now, one thing that I do is I reaffirm myself while I’m swimming with every stroke, I can do this. I am enough. I’m worthy of making money. I’m worthy of my clients. People like me, people love me. People think I’m friendly. They already, they’re so excited to see me.

And what I’ve noticed is after that swim, I feel really good about myself. I encourage you. If it’s in the morning while you’re getting ready, maybe it’s the first thing before you even get out of bed, maybe for you it’s while you’re reading a book or you’re doing some type of devotional or you’re eating breakfast, or maybe you’re doing something every single day, encourage yourself.

Start training your brain to believe you are. If I’m not, you are. I actually have my clients do something called the 50 phrases that you are. So I want to encourage you. What are five things or 50 things you can write down, like take, take five minutes to do this. It’s going to be so, it’s just so simple, so easy.

Write 50 things that you are. You are good enough. You are great. You are friendly. You are welcome. You are attractive. Write all of those things down and begin to say it over and over and over. You could even go to Google and you can Google like positive words, positive self-affirmations, cause what you’re doing is you’re changing the lens by which you view the world. But more importantly, you’re changing the lens by which you view yourself.

When you begin to see, I am worth it, and I find I can find every idea I need. I have everything I need. Your brain believes it. And so it looks at the world and opportunities and open doors in that way, you are enough to land higher paying clients. You are enough to get paid really well. Your enough to make this business work, you one hundred percent are enough.

Now I mentioned at the very beginning, one secret that is going to help you kind of change the game. If you have had. And guess what? There’s no shame here. This is a safe place, a safe stream. I’ve had every single one of these mentalities.

Reason number one, an I can’t mentality reason. Number two an I shouldn’t mentality. And reason number three, an I’m not mentality. I’ve had every single one of these. So if this is where you’re at, or you have one of them or you kind of go back and forth in a roller coaster, I want you to use this secret, okay?

Secret… making a decision to step into the highest version of yourself, making a decision right now. If you’re listening, if you’re watching, put a hand on your heart, breathe in, breathe out, and I want you to say to yourself, I’m choosing me. I’m deciding to live the highest version of me. I’m stepping into it. I am committing. I am deciding right now when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Once you make that decision, everything begins to open up. You see, I’m not so interested in you landing higher paying clients, that’s cool. I heard this from another coach. I’m more interested in you becoming someone who could land a high paying client because when you become that person landing clients is easy. Do you see that?

It’s not about just the strategies. It’s about the identity. Oh, that was for someone that was a breakthrough for someone it’s not just the strategies you implement. It’s the identity you bring to the strategies that you implement. It’s who you believe you are, who you decide to be today.

So have you decided, and what was the biggest, like what are you deciding to do differently? Because you joined us today and you got this info. You got this transformational strategy to go from. I can’t to, I don’t. To go from I shouldn’t, to how might I? And to go from I’m not, to I so am. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach.


What would life look like if you release any fear or shame around money and high paying clients, and you made a decision, I'm going to make a difference. And yeah, I'm also going to make a whole lot of money so that it can make even more of a difference.

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