Searching For Clarity? This Is For You! (Season 2, Episode 3)

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Do you ever find yourself looking, hoping, and waiting for something to help you make those tough decisions in business and life? In this episode, ShawnQ shows you three places you can find true clarity when you’re trying to make the right decision…



Hey ShawnQ here, and in this episode, I’m going to show you the three ways you can find clarity. Let’s jump in. Okay. You ever be in a place where you’re like, I don’t know what to do, or am I doing the right thing or is this the right business for me? I can’t tell you how many times people come to me and say, “Shawn, I just need clarity right now. I need the answer so I can go do the work that I want to do.”

Now here’s the truth. Most of the time, you’re looking for an answer in the wrong places. I’m going to show you three places you can find your answer so you can get to work. The first place is this, write this down. If you’re taking notes. Number one, gut clarity. Sometimes you can call this God clarity or divine clarity.

Like you just know that, you know, in your soul, in your gut, what you’re supposed to do, you know that everything has led to this point. Now I’m a big believer that you really know what you’re supposed to do, and your gut is there to tell you, you just have to listen.

So I want to encourage you. If you’re ever in a moment where you need clarity, you need insight. Take all of your devices, all of your tech and throw in another room, grab a journal and a pencil, and simply sit with yourself think and ask yourself, what is it I’m supposed to do? Now thoughts are gonna come and flood your brain, write it all down, get it all down, because in the weeds of that, you’ll find the gold. You’ll find the clarity of the insight. The thing, the truth that you already know you’re supposed to pursue and step into.

The second source for clarity is coaching clarity, and this is one of my favorites. It’s when you’re in a conversation with someone, oftentimes a coach or consultant or an expert, and they say something and it hits you in your heart where you’re like, “Ooh, that was for me. I needed to hear that. That just opened up and unlocked possibilities that like pointed me in the right direction. That’s awesome.”

Now coaches, experts, consultants can only speak from their own experience so it’s borrowed clarity. It’s the clarity they’ve gotten from their business that can be then given to you. So whenever you’re in a conversation you want to ask, what kind of clarity can I find from this person? What are their experiences? What wins have they experienced? What losses have they experienced? What wisdom do they have that I can acquire and borrow from them.

If you’re ever in a moment where you don’t know what to do, go talk to someone, go have a conversation with someone, preferably someone wiser, older, more experienced. Somebody who has a wins and victories. Somebody who’s walked the path you have as well.

The third source of clarity is action based clarity. This is where you actually go out, you do something and you realize, oh, I probably shouldn’t do that anymore, it didn’t work. Or you realize, hey, this is working. I should keep doing this.

Now most of the time action-based clarity takes a little bit of time because you have to go do it. It takes energy. It takes effort. Sometimes the only type of clarity that’s actually going to give you what you need is going out, taking the risk and making the mistake. Going out, taking the risk and discovering what is possible.

So maybe you’re on the verge of launching the podcast, go do it. Maybe you’re on the verge of writing that book. Go do it start writing. Maybe you want to coach people, start coaching, go out there and figure out what works and what doesn’t that experience is worth everything.

I’m a big believer that you should get it done, then get it right. Write that down. That’s a golden nugget for someone. Get it done. Just go do it, then get it right. Too many people switch that up. Oh, I need to get it right first. I have to have the right thing and then I’ll go do it. Now, go do it, get it done, then get it right. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach. Go find that clarity you need, and I see in the next episode.


Get it done. Just go do it, then get it right.

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