The 4 Phases To Success (Season 1, Episode 13)

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As an entrepreneur you are bound to encounter 4 phases on your journey to success. In This Episode, ShawnQ explains what those 4 phases are so that you can understand your current mindset and ultimately move forward to extraordinary bliss…


Hey ShawnQ here. And in this episode, I want to break down the four phases you’re going to experience as an entrepreneur. If you’re starting a new business, oftentimes you have this rush of excitement and then you get to the work and you’re like, “Oh man, if this were easy, everyone would be doing this”. Then you get to kind of this low, where you’re like, “oh my gosh, I don’t know if I even want to continue”, until you hit the breaking point where you’re like, “Thank God that I didn’t quit”. And we see this all the time.

As we’ve analyzed some of the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and even successful athletes and movie stars, uh, people who are really honing their craft and mastering their skill set they go through these four phases too. So if you’re starting a new business, this episode is perfect for you.

Let me go ahead and break it down okay? This is the first phase that you’re going to experience whenever you start something new. The first phase is this uninformed optimism, uninformed optimism. This is where you’re like, “Oh my gosh, this is a billion dollar idea why isn’t anyone else doing this? Like, I, this is going to go bananas. This is like, I am going to like, this is just, this is just so good. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before”. This is the place where you feel that energy, you feel that excitement, you are open to the possibilities and you see the vision and that vision inspires you, and you’re like, “oh, it’s just so good”.

Now we call this uninformed optimism because although you have the energy, you haven’t been informed by the world. You haven’t been informed by data. You haven’t been informed by experience. So you’re just kind of going in and rushing in thinking, this is the greatest idea ever. You actually see this generationally.

You see a lot of young people with all the zeal and energy and passion to change the world and as they get older, they become an adult they become informed of how the world actually functions. Oftentimes people quit at that place. They’ve seen the world and they settle for well, I’m only one person. I can’t really do this the energy of my youth is gone.

So phase one, uninformed optimism. What’s going to happen is as soon as you start to put in the work, though, you began to get informed pessimism. This is where you realize, oh, wow, work is required. I actually have to sweat a little bit to make this happen. This isn’t just going to happen because I wish it or I desire it, or I envision it. I actually have to do the work.

This is oftentimes where the biggest struggles and challenges come up, that you were just unaware of. Maybe you started a business and you didn’t realize, oh, even though I’m a really good coach or I’m a really good social media manager, or I’m a really good web developer, I also now have to be a really good salesperson, a really good marketer, a really good accountant. You have to wear all of these hats that you didn’t realize when you first started and you have this informed pessimism of, oh crap, should I keep going?

Then phase three is practical despair. And if you thinking about a movie, this is the point where it seems like all hope is lost. The superhero is not going to be able to defeat the villain. Like this is, this is like the darkest of nights, and this is where you’re like, oh crap, can I actually do this? Am I built for this? I don’t know about you, but I have a hundred percent been in this place where it seems like all hope is lost and nothing is going to work.

Where you’re putting in the hours and you’re not getting the results where you’re doing the work. You realize like, I it’s just easier at this point… It is actually easier to quit, but if you keep going, if you keep working, if you continue to master the skill and craft your expertise, if you don’t give up on having conversations, connecting with the right people, pursuing that dream, you’re going to hit phase number four, which is extraordinary bliss.

Do you remember the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness? This is at the very end of that movie. Spoiler, if you haven’t seen it, the very end of the movie, where Will Smith got the job and his entire life changed. He’s just in that moment, he’s experiencing happiness, extraordinary bliss where you say, wow, I can’t believe I did it. Thank God I did not quit as an entrepreneur.

It’s so easy to get stuck. It’s so easy to feel paralyzed, but once you figure out what phase and stage you are at, whether it’s stage one, uninformed, optimism, or stage two informed pessimism, or stage three, practical despair, or even stage four extraordinary bliss, it’s going to be easier for you to figure out what is it that I need to do today to leave this stage and get to my next. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach, and I’ll see in the next episode,


It's so easy to get stuck. It's so easy to feel paralyzed, but once you figure out what phase and stage you are at... it's going to be easier for you to figure out what is it that I need to do today to leave this stage and get to my next.

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