Keep Clients Happy With Your Onboarding Strategy (Season 1, Episode 5)

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Landing clients is just step one – what you do next will turn them into raving, repeat buyers or refund-requesters… In this episode, ShawnQ describes how you can create a strategic onboarding process for new clients to they come back again and again!


Hey ShawnQ here and in this episode, I want to show you exactly what to do after you land your next high ticket client. You know so much effort is put into getting that client, but then what do you do after to keep them and to keep them happy and to keep them paying again and again? Well, let me break down a couple of different things.

I call this the Heck Yes On-boarding System. So the first 13 days that you’re going to put together, so that you create an extraordinary experience for your new client. The first thing you do, as soon as the money hits the bank, do a little dance. Give yourself a little love, enjoy the moment of like, “Hey, I got the money. I made the client.”

Then as soon as you’re done celebrating, go send them a message and congratulate them. Whether I like to send voice memos over messenger. So I say, “Hey, congratulations. I saw your registration go through. I am so excited to work with you. Guess what? I’m officially your coach now.”

The next thing I like to do in that same voice memo is describe what is going to happen next. The biggest weakness in the sales process is after the sale, because then they’re questioning, did I make the right decision? Did I spend the money on the right thing? Is this really gonna work for me?

So I want to create clarity around that and confidence around that by saying, all right, congratulations. I’m officially your coach. Here’s, what’s about to happen. We’re going to give you access to X, Y, Z. You’re going to see this email come in in the next few days, and then you’re going to be able to get started. When we have our orientation session, that’s going to be on this day and we’re going to get started.

I’m describing exactly what’s going to happen when it’s going to happen and what they can expect next. Now that’s just the very first wild moment of the day. The very next thing we do is we have this whole process set up where they can then select what kind of gift they want to receive. I’ll share it with you. If you send me a message. We have this whole system set up so that they can then go in and they can choose what kind of gifts they want to receive. This just shows our thanks and appreciation for them choosing to work with us.

Then the very next thing we like to do is I like to do, what’s called overwhelming joy moment. So I have my team reach out to them. I have other clients reach out to them. So now they’re receiving like 10 messages from people saying, congratulations, you made the best decision and you invested in the right coach. We’re all here to support you and encourage you. What that does is it invites them into the community and creates a welcoming environment for them.So we want to make sure that everybody feels safe and comfortable and excited to be there.

That’s just on the first day, a couple other things we do throughout the next 13 days is we give them a big welcome email. And that’s where I describe, Hey, this is what you just invested in, and this is why I started the company. This is the vision behind what we do and how we serve, and this is the culture that we’re building, and these are the brand values and promises that we’re making to you as our newest best client.

We’re giving them a welcome tour of the membership area and how they can contact us on slack and what kind of tools are now available to them to get the support they need.

The very next thing we like to do is we like to give them a orientation session. So in, within the first 13 days, we do this hour long orientation session with all of our new arrivals. And we do this whole process where we walk them through what it’s like to succeed and what their next steps are.

Then we do a one-on-one session with a lot of our clients, and that’s where we do something called the millionaire money mapping, exercise, where we’re literally creating for them a road map to their first millions. Then we do a ton of other little moments where we’re just saying, thank you and hey, you did the right thing.

If you can create an experience in the first 13 days, they’re likely to come back and pay again and again and again in the future. So ask yourself, how can I create wow moments for my new clients? What’s the experience like right after they say yes, and they make their payment, how can I serve them so well and create this experience that reaffirms their decision to work with you?

When you answer those questions, you’ll be able to serve your clients. Well, keep your clients and be able to get them to pay again. And again, I’m Sean cue, your high ticket sales coach. I’ll see you in the next episode.


If you can create an experience in the first 13 days, they're likely to come back and pay again and again and again in the future. So ask yourself, how can I create wow moments for my new clients?

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