Replay: Coaching Panel Featuring ShawnQ! (Season 2, Episode 8)

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We have a special episode for you today because we’re giving you a replay of a panel ShawnQ spoke on at a Sales Conference recently. Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? ShawnQ may be the perfect fit for you! Reach out to the team here


Alyson Lex:

ShawnQ you have 60 seconds to tell us about yourself.


It’s 60 seconds. I love star wars. I’m a huge geek. So if you want to talk about your favorite episode, we are already best friends. For me, it’s episode four. Anyway, I’m a high ticket sales coach. My session comes up tomorrow, which I’m so excited because today we have some power packed speakers.

I help experts easily attract and connect with high paying dream clients. So you can have fun and grow your business without the ick, the sleaze, the nonconsensual sales practices of the past. We use our Heck Yes, sales method, and I like to have a lot of fun. So I show people how to have sales conversations, how to have live streams specifically in tomorrow session, and how to have really great conversations while having a lot of fun. So…

Alyson Lex:

Awesome. And your session tomorrow is all about using live streaming and another thing that I love about this is there’s strategies that interconnect with one another. So, you know, we have on day three, someone talking about how to leverage Facebook and part of her strategy is live streams, but she doesn’t dive into live streams. You can listen to ShawnQ and he’ll tell you everything you need to know so it really does all connect. All right. So question number one. What’s your favorite lead gen strategy?


All right. So favorite lead gen strategy is a free challenge. The reason why is people raise their hands and say, “Oh my gosh, I absolutely want to accomplish what you are telling me I can accomplish within this set amount of time.” So we do a challenge, a free five day challenge, and within that time frame, we guarantee you do the work, you’re going to get a result. You’re going to land a client.

One of the most amazing things about this is it gives people access to you in a way where you can legitimately show them how to make progress, because here’s the truth. When people take our challenge or take a challenge and they start doing the work, it’s so much easier to sell to that person because they’re already started, they’re already doing the work and you’re coming alongside and saying, “Hey, you got started over the five days, do you want to keep going?”

A lot of people are able to decide whether or not you’re the coach or the expert or the strategist for them in that time frame as well. I can’t tell you how many people, like on day two are like, “Oh my gosh, Shawn, you are my coach, I know it.”, and they are so primed to buy from you. So doing a free challenge.

One of the biggest things I also want to recommend is like focus on one thing, everything works and nothing works. So do one thing over and over and over. Fall in love with that process and begin to really craft it. So our biggest lead gen that has brought in like multiple six figures is one challenge that we’ve done over and over and over for the last three years, and we’ve just perfected it again and again, and again. Made it 1% better every time we do it. So whichever strategy you use, just keep doing it. So many people like give up way too early, they change or pivot way to early. Keep going.

Alyson Lex:

Hashtag yes. What do you say, Shawn? You say heck yes, heck no?


Yes, #HeckYes. I love it!

Alyson Lex:

Now I’m going to pull out my 60 second timer because I’m going to ask for a story. I want a 60 second story of a strategy you thought would work, but didn’t.


Okay. So let me know in the comments below. Heck yes or heck no? If you’ve tried to do everything and anything. I would say the biggest mistake I’ve made is like just throwing everything at the wall and like spreading myself too thin. In 2019, we made the decision. Like I had a membership site, I had a course, I had a mastermind, I had a group coaching program, I had all of it.

We ended up just tossing everything except for one thing. We had a new model that we were going to build our business on, which is one traffic source. We were going to focus all our energy on one traffic source. For us it was a Facebook group. One entry point into our offers, which was our challenge, like I mentioned, and then only one offer, which was our 12 month mastermind.

I said, “I’m going to make this the very best Facebook group I can. I’m going to make this the very best challenge on the face of the planet. I’m going to make this the very best mastermind that I can, and I’m going to put all of my energy into just these three things.”

One entry point, one traffic source, one offer. What we realized, even though the membership was making us money, it was bringing in revenue. Even though the group coaching was bringing us revenue, while we were losing that revenue, I was gaining time to focus on the things that would actually be scalable. Now we’re making a lot more money than we would have ever made with the membership or the other,  group coaching or all of the other things.

So one entry point, one traffic source, one offer, I guarantee guaranteed… Somebody put guarantee in the comments below. I guarantee if you focus on those one things, just one thing for a year, you’re going to see so much more progress. You’re going to feel so much more accomplished and you’ll make more money, which is pretty hard.

Alyson Lex:

So I want to let everybody get to their Monday’s. So I am going to start to say, thank you alright? Go have a super productive rest of your day. Lots of lots of hearts and love. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it.


Whichever strategy you use, just keep doing it. So many people give up way too early, they change or pivot way to early. Keep going.

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