How A Bullied, Insecure Kid Built A Successful Coaching Business (Season 1, Episode 1)

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In this inaugural episode of the Heck Yes! Podcast, our host ShawnQ walks you through how he overcame Depression, Comparison and every obstacle in the book to build the life of his dreams and a thriving business…


Hey, ShawnQ here and welcome to The Heck Yes Podcast. I am so excited for episode one. This is the very first podcast that we are releasing, and I think it’s appropriate for me to share a little bit about the journey that has taken us to this point. You know, growing up, I grew up in an incredibly difficult childhood.

My parents divorced when I was eight and I was bullied going through elementary school, middle school and high school, and what was really difficult about the entire process was not really understanding who I was and really trying to figure out who I was going to best fit in with.

Let me just give you an example. So growing up in middle school and high school, I was bullied a ton and I mean, I still have the scars on my wrist to prove how little value I gave my life, but I went through every single phase you can think of. So like, you know, how you got all of the cliques in high school.

I went through the jock phase. I went through the surfer boy phase. I went through the emo and scene phase. I went through, you know, just the wide variety of different, phases in my life and in the type of person that I wanted to be growing up.

It wasn’t until I discovered that I had a choice, I had an option. So many people think that they have to adapt to the world around them. They have to fit in to all of the people around them, and that’s what I thought growing up, you know, I thought I was going to have to fit in because I never really felt like I belonged.

It wasn’t until I discovered that there was purpose in my pain and that there was an opportunity for me to serve those who were also experiencing the pain I was, that I really began to be able to stand a gloriously in who I was called to be. You know, I believe there’s a reason why every single one of us are alive right now. When you put your hand to your heart and you feel your heartbeat, you take a deep breath in and you realize I’m here for a reason.

When you discover that purpose, that reason you are able to shine and stand and get up every single morning, knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do to create positive impact in the world and leave it a better place than before you. So there was a point in my life, I remember it was like right after graduating, I made a decision because it’s at that point that you typically make a decision of where…

Are you going to go to college? Are you going to pursue a career? Are you just going to kind of float through life? I decided that I wanted to create a positive impact in the world, but I was going to do it in a way that served and helped people. So I looked back in my life and I realized, you know, growing up in a poor neighborhood, crime riddled environment, and really being able to uncover some of the challenges that I face with my own relationship to money and my family’s relationship to money.

I discovered that poverty in and of itself was one of the strongest key elements to indicating whether or not there was going to be a high dropout rate, a high crime rate, high mental health crises, high government assistance rate. So I made a decision at that point that I was going to live my life with one mission in mind, to eradicate poverty, to maximize abundance and to change the world.

Let me just break that down real quick. So eradicating poverty, poverty in and of itself has so many different facets. So there’s the, obviously the financial element to it. There’s also the emotional and the mental health element of it. Then there’s the relational element to it and the spiritual element to it.

I mean, you could live in poverty, even though you have a ton of money, poverty of relationship, poverty of love, poverty of hope, poverty of purpose. So I wanted to make sure that every single person that I interacted with, I pulled the best out of them, and I was able to serve them to their purpose.

I was able to support them as they pursued their greatest dreams, and I was able to help them through the poverty that they experienced, whether it was emotional regulation or mental health. So I made a decision I’m going to help people eradicate poverty on all fronts while maximizing abundance.

Okay… so what does maximize abundance mean? When you have abundance of something, it means you have an overwhelming access to it. So if you have an abundance of love, you have an overwhelming access to experience and receive as well as to give love. If you have an abundance of money, you have overwhelming access to money. If you have an abundance of healthy relationships, you have access to people who love you, who care for you and who get excited just to see you.

So every interaction we want to eradicate poverty and maximize abundance and when we do that we know that lives change, and people are able to show up completely different than before. I know when growing up, if I had an overwhelming access to friends that cared about me to a resource that allowed me to pursue my dreams, it would have been easier for me to climb out of the poverty that I experienced.

So this whole podcast is all about helping you live a life of abundance, eradicate poverty in your own life, and it’s serving as a resource to give you tools so that you can go change the world. So I say, “heck yes”, because heck yes, just describes the excitement that I have to serve you. Heck yes.

When you live a heck yes, life, you’re waking up every single day, committed, determined, and passionate about everything that you are pursuing, about the people that you get a chance to interact with about how you are going to shift the lives in front of you. So I want to encourage you as you’re listening to these episodes, as you subscribe to this podcast that you make a decision right now, you make an intentional commitment to live a heck yes, life.

That I’m only going to say yes to the things that align with me and say no to everything else. That I’m going to hold this space for everyone that I’m called to serve. That I’m going to show up excited, filled with joy and passion, ready to serve people. Here’s your call, go eradicate poverty, go maximize abundance and go change the world. And I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach. I’ll see you in the next step.


It wasn't until I discovered that there was purpose in my pain and that there was an opportunity for me to serve those who were also experiencing the pain I was...

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