Have Too Many Ideas? This is for you! (Season 1, Episode 11)

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Do you feel like you have a million ideas every day? In This Episode, ShawnQ reveals how you can stay focused, sort through your good (and bad) ideas, and how you can move from idea to action…



Hey, ShawnQ here, and are you someone who has like a million ideas and then like the next day you have a million more ideas and you never know which path to follow? Well in this episode I want to help you figure out how to stay focused, how to get the right idea in front of you and how to make some big moves in your business. That actually move you forward away from idea phase into action phase.

Okay. Are you ready? All right. So I actually have worked with a lot of people who have a ton of million dollars ideas. I am actually that same person. I literally sleep with a journal next to my bed, where I have to write all of my ideas down or else I just can’t sleep, and that’s actually one of the first tips I want to give you is if you’re an idea person.

One of the ways to get it away from your brain, put all that energy in that idea onto a document, document it, get it down on paper, because it’s going to be a lot easier for you to say, okay, I documented it. Now I can think of something else. Now I can release it from my brain and stay focused. So if you’re not documenting your ideas, that’s the first step.

You know I have a hard time though, because I have all of these ideas. I want to implement all of them. And one of the things that I’ve discovered is it’s so easy to have ideas, but then when you have too many, you become overwhelmed and you get paralyzed by your ideas. You don’t know which one to pursue.

One of the best ways to figure that out. Talk to someone about it, give someone the opportunity to help you weed through your ideas. I know that can be scary, especially for us introverts, because we don’t want our ideas to be knocked down. We don’t want our babies, like this is our baby, our idea to be like abused or hurt.

It’s so fundamental though, it’s so helpful when you have someone who loves you, who is going to be respectful of your ideas. Say this is a great idea, this one needs to be flushed out a little bit more. Let’s put that on the back burner and they can begin to help you make strong decisions about your idea.

So that’s actually tip number two is find someone who can be your, cutter. You’re the person who’s going to cut down your ideas to the bare bones, figure out what is the best step forward.

Now, another thing that I would encourage you to do in step number three, or tip number three, is to validate your ideas. If you are having all these ideas and you’re just pursuing them all, then what’s going to happen is you’re going to be pursuing potentially some bad ideas.

I actually had a friend who he had this million dollar idea, at least to him. So he started this business. He got a loan out. Um, he began to hire contractors. He put a website together. He was putting all this action into this idea. And then he went to go market it and sell it. And nobody was buying. And what he realized was he had built this entire idea out without validating it without figuring out is it actually going to sell?

So he had wasted a ton of time, a ton of energy. He was now $40,000 in debt because of the loan he got simply because he didn’t first validate his ideas. So how do you validate it? How do you make sure you’re pursuing a good idea and not a bad idea?

You go talk to people. One of my favorite things to do and to encourage other peoples to do is go have conversations, get into conversations and share your idea with them.

Now, what you’re going to say is, “hey, this is my idea what do you think of it?” They’re going to say, “oh, this is awesome”, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Then you’re going to say, “is this something you would invest in?” They’re going to say yes, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

What I encourage you to do is change your questions a little bit and begin to ask, “Hey, this is my idea… have you ever invested in an idea like this in the past, how much money have you invested before?”

Past buying behaviors are going to be so much more insightful for you so much more valuable than future predictions? Let me say that again. Past behaviors where they have already invested before in something similar to what you’re doing is so much more valuable than, I think I’d invest this much because when it gets down to the minute, they’re likely to say no, or their answer might change.

So when you’re validating an idea, look at past behavior of the people you’re asking and ask that question. Have you invested in this before? How much have you invested? Would you invest in it again? So that’s the third tip is make sure you’re validating your business idea is actually something that people would invest in.

Then the last tip I’m going to give you when you have so many ideas is write them all on sticky notes, and then I want you to do some future envisioning practices. What does that mean? It means, okay. I wrote down idea one, two and three. Let’s focus on number one. Let me envision what the future looks like if number one were completely true.

If this idea was fully fleshed out, if I was a living, the reality of this idea, would I be happy? Would my family be happy with the boundaries I set up still exist? Would love flow through me? Would joy flow through me? Would money flow through me? Then go to number two, then go to number three and follow the joy.

You know, so many people start businesses and then they become slaves to the stress and anxiety that, that business pursues. But if you have passion and energy and positivity surrounding you and driving you forward, you’re likely to see that idea to fruition, even when it gets tough. So ask yourself, where is the joy and follow the joy.

All right. So if you have just a ton of ideas and you know some of them are billion dollar ideas something I had to learn early on was billion dollar ideas, mean nothing without a billion-dollar work ethic. What does that mean? Your idea means nothing unless you put it to work. So put it to work, get its action. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach. And I’ll see you in the next episode.


You know, so many people start businesses and then they become slaves to the stress and anxiety that, that business pursues, but if you have passion and energy and positivity surrounding you and driving you forward, you're likely to see that idea to fruition, even when it gets tough.

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