Target Markets VS Dream Clients – How To Find Your Next Buyer (Season 1, Episode 10)

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Where in the heck do you FIND clients?! In This Episode, ShawnQ breaks down the difference between a target market, dream client, and even shares a secret to helping you find your next high paying client…



Hey ShawnQ here and in this episode, I want to break down the difference between a market and a client. I see this all the time. People are saying, “what’s your target market?” That question actually doesn’t make any sense, and the reason why is because a market is not a who the market is a where.

The market, isn’t a, who, it’s a location. You go to the market, you don’t attract the market. And so one of the things I want to encourage you to do is recognize that a market in business is typically a community. So you want to think about like where people go?

People go and they hang out in Facebook groups. They hang out in LinkedIn groups, they hang out on clubhouse. They hang out in Instagram. They hang out in networking meetings, and conferences, and events, and seminars. These locations, or these events, these places people go are markets.

When you understand that markets are locations, it helps you answer the number one question I hear all the time, which is where do I find clients? The answer? The market. You find a dream clients in specific markets.

Let me just break down who a dream client is. A dream client is somebody who loves paying you because they’re invested in the solution. Dream clients or people you love to work with because they take your work seriously, and they treat you human, and with kindness, and with positivity.

Dream clients are people who get results 10 times faster because they’re perfectly positioned for your kind of work. Dream clients are people who love to support the people they work with and send referrals, send more work, and they’re just like, oh my gosh, how can I see you succeed because you’ve helped me succeed.

So when it comes to working with dream clients, you want to ask yourself, where do my dream clients hang out, and what markets are they in? For example, if let’s say you’re a funnel builder and your dream clients are people who need a funnel built, they have a successful company. They’re like “we’re really successful offline, but we want to be really successful online”.

Well, if they’re looking to build a funnel, they’re likely in say the click funnels Facebook group, and guess what a market for that kind of dream client is that specific click funnels Facebook group. You’re going to find people who are interested in funnels in that community, in that market.

Let me break it down okay? Let’s say you’re a copywriter. And you love working with people who are small, medium sized brick and mortar businesses. Well guess what? There’s a ton of networking meetings that exist like 1 Million Cups, BNI, chambers of commerce,  just a ton of different offline communities that brick and mortars go to.

That’s where you can go, that market, to go find those types of dream clients. So what’s so key is when you understand that your dream clients go to markets, you can easily find a dream clients in those markets. One of the things I actually work with with our clients is identifying the top 10 markets that they need to be active in in order to find their clients dream clients.

So I want to encourage you put together a list of where are my clients at? Where do they hang out? What online communities, forums, Facebook groups, clubhouse rooms, what offline communities, events, you know tribes, are they a part of?

If you can identify that you will find your dream clients. So now, you know, the difference between a target market and a dream client markets are where, clients are who. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach, and I’ll see in the next episode.


Dream clients or people you love to work with because they take your work seriously, and they treat you human, and with kindness, and with positivity.

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