How To Hold Space And Trust In The Innate Wisdom Of Your Client With Jaymi Jai

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What if the only thing your client ever needed was your presence?

Have you ever left a coaching call feeling like rushed and anxious, worrying whether or not you provided enough “value” for your client?

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Jaymi Jai, a coach who calls herself a way-shower and guide, as she uncovers the ancient art of creating spaces where people can truly be seen and heard.

We’ll also discuss the power of the Law of Identity, and how you can leverage this insight to create breakthroughs in your next coaching session.

 *** The School of Abundance is a premiere show recorded and streamed every Thursday at 9am PT. This show brings together expert coaches and leaders to reveal, explore, and uncover the secrets to becoming an elite, heart-centered, abundance coach. Hosted by ShawnQ


Whenever you need to regulate yourself or slow yourself down, you can always turn to your breathing as a tool to slow yourself down. - Jaymi Jai

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