How To Create High Performing Clients Using The 6 Pillars of Life Questions with Deano Delpleash

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How To Create High Performing Clients Using The 6 Pillars of Life Questions

Have you ever been secretly frustrated with clients who weren’t performing at their highest levels (and so they weren’t getting results?) 

In today’s episode, I’ll be asking Deano about his 6 step framework to uncovering the hidden ways people sabotage their potential and how you can help your clients dismantle what’s holding them back

We’ll also discuss the tragic loss of a high performer at the hands of suicide: tWitch and what we can do to be a present and safe space for our clients to reveal what’s really going on inside.

***Trigger warning: We explore and discuss suicide and trauma in this session. 


  • Our brain processes. Our body stores.
  • Too many people want to be “Lone Wolfs”, but the truth is we are nothing without our pack.
  • You probably already know the answer you’re looking for, if only you would give yourself permission to feel what your body is telling you.
  • It’s so hard to ask for help because we identify too closely with being the helper.
  • Sometimes it’s not about making it easier. Sometimes it’s about having more courage.
  • Productivity isn’t just what we’re doing all the time, but about how we’re running our mind.
  • Drink more water! You’re not lazy, you’re just dehydrated.

 *** The School of Abundance is a premiere show recorded and streamed every Thursday at 9am PT. This show brings together expert coaches and leaders to reveal, explore, and uncover the secrets to becoming an elite, heart-centered, abundance coach. Hosted by ShawnQ


"Sometimes, the goal isn't to make it easier. Sometimes, the goal is to have courage" - Deano Delpleash

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