How To Use In-Person Conferences To Land New Clients (Season 1, Episode 20)

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Did you know that conferences are more than just an opportunity to learn from some of the best? In this episode, ShawnQ explains you can obtain all the knowledge you set out to seek as well as, how to connect with potential clients right then and there…



Hey ShawnQ here, and in this episode, I want to give you a secret hack you can use to land more clients when attending conferences, workshops, or even networking events. Let’s jump in.

So when I go to networking events or conferences, oftentimes there’s all this really great training. There are these workshops and you just want to take all the notes possible. One of the things that I love doing is instead of going to the training’s, buy the recordings.

If they’re selling recordings, ask to buy the recordings and typically it’s a whole lot cheaper than actually the whole ticket event. So buy the recordings and then go to the event just to connect with people.

Here’s a very easy script to use. So I’ll go to, up to someone and I’ll say, “Hey, my name is Shawn. I am loving this conference. What has been the greatest training you’ve been a part of? What has been your biggest insight so far?”

And they’ll say, “Oh, it’s been this”

I’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. What’s your plans for the next training? Are you going to go to that workshop, or this workshop?”

They’re going to say, “Oh, that workshop”

“Awesome. I’ll go to this workshop. I’d love to connect with you after the conference is done, and maybe what we can do is we can swap notes and we can have a conversation about how we’re going to implement what we’re going to learn.”

And they say, “Yes. Awesome. Absolutely.”

I say, “Great”. I schedule the time we’re going to meet then and there. Say, “Great. How does Tuesday after the conference at 8:00 AM sound for you for 45 minute chat? Great.” Now we’re in conversation. We have a set schedule for having a conversation after the event.

Now during that conversation, we can then have an even deeper conversation of, “Hey, what do you do? What are you up to? What are your big goals? Why did you attend this conference?” And I can then either offer a service if I can support them with their goals, connect them with someone else, or now I just have a really great entrepreneur business friend.

So if you go to conferences or workshops or training’s, the training is good, the training is juicy. If you can get the recordings and then set up appointments with people to have conversations, I say this all the time, more conversations you have, more clients you will land.

So use this opportunity to set up appointments with people, connect with people, and I guarantee you’re going to land a client. I remember going to this conference and I did this exact process. The first time I did it, I got three $10,000 clients from that conference, simply because I continued the conversation after the event. So that’s my encouragement for you.

Go have conversations, go to these networking events, conferences, summits, all of these things are incredible opportunities, incredible markets for you to find clients in. So if you’re wondering, where do I find clients? Go where they’re going, find out the conferences they’re attending, the networking events they’re attending, the offline interactions you can have. Go set up appointments. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach and want to see in the next episode.


So if you're wondering, where do I find clients? Go where they're going, find out the conferences they're attending, the networking events they're attending, the offline interactions you can have.

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