How To “Add Value” At A Networking Meeting…

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Want to totally dominate at your next networking meeting? 

Instead of passing out your business card to people who will throw it away once they get home,  ShawnQ shares his “top secret networking question” – if you ask this single question, you’ll create value and a desire for others to help you. 

Also In This Video:

  • What is value and how do you create it?
  • How do you add value in a network meeting? 
  • How to balance money and time?
  • How do you create a great first impression?


The #1 goal of a networking meeting is to start a new relationship, grow an existing one, and set your next appointment.

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I'm Shawn Q

The fun and inviting High-Ticket Sales Coach and creator of the “One Client Away” Challenge that believes in serving over selling. I’m a passionate Entrepreneur, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Author, huge Star Wars fan and most importantly a loving husband to my wife Adeola.

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