Sales VS Marketing: What You Should Focus On Right Now (Season 1, Episode 8)

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Sales & Marketing go hand in hand, but serve two very different purposes in your business. In This Episode, ShawnQ breaks down the major difference between the two so you can decide what to focus on right now…



Hey ShawnQ here and in this episode, I want to break down the difference between sales and marketing so that you can figure out what kind of real support you need and put the right action into your business to get the result you’re looking for. I see a lot of people actually get these two words mixed up, they get them confused. They don’t actually know what they mean so let me just break it down.

When you think about business, business is all about finding people who might be a good fit for your work, getting them to commit financially to doing the work or investing in your solution, and then getting them results. The art of finding clients or attracting clients that is marketing. Marketing’s main goal is simply to get somebody who’s super excited about your offer in front of you.

Let’s think about some traditional marketing assets. So for example, you’ve got billboards, right? You see a nice billboard. It has a good juicy burger on it, and it’s like dripping with cheese and mustard and like all the goodness. What is the goal of that billboard? My saliva is like, my mouth is watering already. What is the goal of that billboard? It’s the get you excited about that burger.

It’s not to sell you on it because you can’t make a financial transaction at that point. It’s simply to get you to a place where you’re showing up at the restaurant to buy the burger. Now, the art of actually getting you to buy it where you’re sitting down, you’re putting money down. There answering questions about it. I’m, I’m allergic to mayonnaise, so what I’m always asking is is there mayonnaise in this? The art of overcoming those concerns and objections about your decision to purchase the burger that is sales.

So marketing is getting you excited about it. Sales is getting you, committed to it. See the difference? Do you see that? Marketing is getting you excited. Sales is getting you committed. So when you are asking yourself, what kind of support do I need or what do I need to work on in my business is it marketing or is it sales? I want you to ask yourself, are you getting people excited, but having a hard time getting them to commit, or are you having a hard time getting anybody to take notice of your work?

If it’s that first part, right? You just can’t get people excited about what you’re doing? That is marketing. If you are getting people excited, but nobody’s buying right? you got likes, you’ve got comments, you’ve got shares, but you don’t got dollars. You go don’t got clients, you don’t got sales. That is a sales issue.

So a lot of what we do with our clients is we help them navigate. What kind of marketing strategies should they implement to attract clients? Then what kind of sales strategies should they implement to commit clients? If you’re a coach expert or freelancer agency owner, your job is to market and sell. Especially if you’re a solopreneur.

When you begin to build team, then you can have agencies or you can have a team market for you. You can have a sales team sell for you, and then you can just be responsible for all the things you love to do, which is get clients results.

So I hope this breakdown was really helpful for you. So you now understand the difference between marketing, getting people excited and selling, getting them committed. I’m Sean cute, your high ticket sales coach, and I’ll see you in the next episode.


When you think about business, business is all about finding people who might be a good fit for your work, getting them to commit financially to doing the work or investing in your solution, and then getting them results.

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