Use These 2 Questions To Land Clients (Season 1, Episode 18)

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Do your clients know who you are and that you’re ready to work with them? In this episode, ShawnQ discusses how something as simple as a conversation can turn into a brand-new Dream Client…



Hey ShawnQ here and in this episode, I want to give you the single most important question you can ask yourself. If you are in a situation where you don’t have the clientele that you want, or maybe you don’t have enough clients, maybe you don’t have the perfect clients. One question that will change.

I actually get this question asked all the time, “Shawn, why don’t I have clients? Shawn why is nobody buying from me?” And I look at them straight in the eye and I ask them this single question and it becomes so clear for them. You ready? Here’s the question? How many conversations are you having?

That’s the question. How many conversations are you having? “Well, I’m posting on Facebook or I recorded my podcast or, um, I sent an email out”. How many conversations are you having if you’re posting on social? Awesome if you have a podcast. Awesome if you’re sending emails awesome. How often are those turning into conversations?

You can have great likes, but if you’re not turning those likes into leads, you can have great viewers, but if you’re not turning those viewers into buyers, it doesn’t really matter. So I want you to ask yourself over the last, let’s say 30 days, how many conversations have you had? How many conversations have you had?

You want to know the best follow-up question for that? How often have you asked to work with them? How often have you made an ask? How often have you said, Hey, I’d love to work with you. Can we see if it might be a good fit?

If you’re not asking you’re not receiving. Oh, that was a breakthrough for someone you have not because you ask not. So make sure you’re getting into conversation, go message people and simply ask, Hey, how’s your day going? How are you doing with your goals? Did you meet what you wanted to meet in the last month? Did you accomplish what you wanted?

The more you care about other people’s goals and dreams, the greater chance you have of landing clients, go get into conversation, go serve people, go ask people. The more you ask, the more you’ll receive.

So if you’re in a position where you’re like, “Shawn, why is nobody buying from me?” I’m going to be like, how many people are you talking to? Are you in the game? Are you having conversations with people? Because if you’re not, that is step one. I’m ShawnQ your high ticket sales coach. Go talk to people.


If you're not asking you're not receiving.

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